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Calm Space Mindful Card Deck

Calm Space Mindful Card Deck

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Take a moment to zone out, calm your nervous system and reset. 42 mindful cards with different to-do's on one side and jigsaw art pieces on the back

Such a thoughtful gift for someone who has a very busy work life, stresses or worried, busy parent, someone who struggle to sleep or to concentrate and be productive.

Each card has a different affirmation or wellness idea for you to do to relax, breathe or give yourself a brain break 

Turn the cards over and create 7 different jigsaw art pieces with 6 cards in each jigsaw. Also a lovely way of giving your brain a break with some beautiful nature art 

We loved the idea of adding this pack of cards to your desk or bedside locker with a plant, crystal and natural scent 

Made and designed in Dublin by Clémence 

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