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Sereni Tea

Sereni Tea

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The bedtime tea

We have gotten so many great in-shop reviews on this tea! It is so tasty and easy to drink, the best one to start with if you are not used to herbal tea

This tea has a floral light blend of

  • lavender: studies show 2 cups of tea morning and night reduced symptoms of low mood and depression
  • chamomile: studies show significant improvements of low mood and sleep quality

Passionflower is a known anxiety-relief and insomnia herb

I would pair this tea with the Sleep Well blend and a plant from the Relax section for the best night sleep

Herbs have been a part of our history for centuries, many “old wives tales” about them now proving scientifically to be true. Herbal teas are a natural source of multivitamins and minerals. The herbs in all teas sold in Sunfleck are organically and ethically grown in Cavan. 100% biodegradable packing and the teas are all gluten-free.

I find the Health Teas range super easy to drink with no weird after-tastes or textures in your mouth. They are blended to perfection.

How to make:

1-2 teaspoons

 Mug/pot of boiling water

Leave to brew for 10mins where possible to get the full benefits

Drink at least 2 mugs per day

 Don`t be afraid to start off with a weaker tea until you get used to it!


100% biodegradable packaging


Gluten-free, vegan, organic

Made in Cavan, Ireland by Roisin

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