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Soil Mix - Carnivorous Plants

Soil Mix - Carnivorous Plants

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For healthier stronger houseplants, make they're as happy as possible to benefit you !

Soil choice is very important as its the key to happy plant roots which will make your plant grow stronger

This mix is for any houseplants that are carnivorous or eat flies like Venus fly trap, monkey cups and sundew plants 

Houseplants need drainage to stop root rot, this happens when soil is too wet and the roots die, this is the main cause of houseplants dying

This mix is peat free and has :

  • Coco coir (peat) 
  • Activated carbon (anti bacterial /anti fungal) 
  • Vermiculite
  • Horticultural sand 
  • DCM organic nutrients  

Packed with goodness your plants need to thrive

Read my blog for houseplants care for beginners to learn when you need to repot and any questions let me know!


Zip lock bag, recyclable 

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