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Philodendron gloriosum Dark Form

Philodendron gloriosum Dark Form

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Large velvety darker version of a beautiful houseplant with white veins and a pillow-like form making it very soothing to look at

Leaves are heart - shaped, and new leaves come out light and turn dark green

  • Bright indirect light in E or W window or can tolerate a bit lower
  • Creeper plant along the ground 4ft tall when staked mature
  • Mist 2 times per week and feed once per month whole still growing
  • Wait until the first 2 inches of soup dry before watering 
  • Relax plant - calming soft leaves to make you feel comforted
  • Breathe plant - philodendrons are air purifiers

9cm pot

18cm high 

Climb up moss pole 

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