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Houseplant Misting Bottle

Houseplant Misting Bottle

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Make your plant happy 
“House plants” are really wild plants that live in tropical areas of the world. This means that many of them love warm, humid environments.
As a general rule-of-thumb, I call the humidity-loving plants the “leafy” kind- so basically anything that is not a cactus or succulent (cacti and succulents store water in their leaves so they do not need misting).
Misting a plant with water helps them to feel like they are in their natural habitat, stops leaves from drying out and encourages new growth- especially in our summer months.

I use this misting bottle in the shop all the time with the nozzle set to “spray”

You especially need a misting bottle if you have an airplant or flamingo flower

Some other examples of plants that love misting are: cheeseplants, heartleaf, pothos/devils ivy, ferns, palms, rubber trees...

  • Amber glass bottle
  • 300ml 
  • Black plastic trigger spray top
  • 2 nozzle options
  • Use “spray” setting and you will get the perfect fine mist
  • Sunfleck branding
Sourced in Ireland

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