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Teapot Glass with Filter- Herbal Tea

Teapot Glass with Filter- Herbal Tea

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The perfect gift to the tea-lover in your life, or to yourself as part of your daily calm and relaxation rituals

Good quality herbs should be full of life and colour, and this tea pot is to make sure that beauty doesn't go to waste!

Watch the movement of the herbs or tea leaves and change of colours and textures as they diffuse into the hot water 

✅  Strainer in the spout included and easy to remove and clean. This will stop the herbs from going into your mug!

✅ Made from hand blown Borosilicate glass. This is what scientists text tubes are made from! It is durable, corrosion resistant, heat resistant, light weight, easy to clean, very clear and non-toxic

✅ Little piece of art, beautiful extravagant handle and dainty lid 


Soirced from Italy 

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