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"Tranq-Oil" -Body Massage Oil

"Tranq-Oil" -Body Massage Oil

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Sunfleck Vetivar and Lemongrass "Tranq-oil"

This product has been a while in the making to perfect it 

Named after tranquility for your mind, calming state, soothing 

Vetivar is an amazing for anxiety and stress relief, the sedative of the essential oil world 

Lemongrass has always been known as the mood booster, also for anxiety and lowering blood pressure 

A beautiful luxurious body oil scented with pure high quality essential oils 

For :







To use : 

1. Drop 3-4 drops into your palm 

2. Rub between your palms to heat 

3. Bring your palms to your nose and inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds and the echale for 7 seconds 

4. Rub into your neck, shoulders arms or legs 

5. Continue relaxation with deep breathing, rest, sleep, meditation and yoga 




Grape seed oil base 




Made by Gema in collaboration with Sunfleck in Roscommon, Ireland 



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