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Tree Aloe

Tree Aloe

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The Sunfleck special Aloe houseplant which isn't as sprawly as normal aloes, it grows upwards into a tree 

Great easy care houseplant for gifting also 

  • also known as Candelabra aloe due to it`s repeating whorl structure, which always grows upright
  • because of this it is much more appealing as it gets older and also will eventually form a stem like a tree
  • symbol of good health and positivity for a home
  • bright indirect light
  • water when soil is fully dry
  • very hardy
  • Breathe Plant
  • top air cleaners in a bedroom or living space
  • Focus Plant
  • repeating architectural structure for interest in a work space

**safe for pets

12cm pot

25cm height 

✅ Condensation and damp


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