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Houseplant Soil Booster

Houseplant Soil Booster

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Rejuvenate your houseplant soil without having to repot fully

Simply sprinkle enough to cover the top of the soil and work into the soil

This is basically a sustainable natural insect humus, waste taken from industry (creating circular economy)

This is perfect for if your plant doesn't need a bigger pot but has been in it over 6 months and could do with a bit of freshening up 

✅ It adds humic and fulvic acids as it is pure organic matter - this improves the structure of the soil as well as helping to retain water (great for thirsty plants like Cheeseplants, bananas, elephant ears, ferns and palms)

✅ The natural chitin also stimulates your houseplants defenses against pests and disease 

A loose dry dark brown powdery mix


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