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Houseplant Neem Protection

Houseplant Neem Protection

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Natural chemical-free pest and disease treatment for your houseplants

This brilliant neem, olive oil extract and lavender blend will help to get rid of any pests or leaf problems like rust or mildew you may have

It eliminates insects such as aphids, whiteflies, mites, mealybugs, and thrips, some of the most common pests of house plants. It also gets rid of fungus and controls fungal spread. Its repellent properties help protect plants from further pest attacks, prevention is better than cure!!

✅Would make a great houseplant - lover gift!! 


- Needs to come into contact with bugs (suffocates them and the eggs in the soil) and in the soil to prevent spread of fungus and mould

- 10 drops per 100ml (the Sunfleck misting bottle is 300ml so 30 drops if you're filling it up). Only make enough for what you need. Dispose excess after 48 hours 

- shake up the bottle

- spray all over leaves, stems, new leaves, and the top of the soil 

- wipe off after a hour if treating an infestation 

 - apply daily until the pests are gone, and monthly from March to October to prevent pests and disease 

Things to note: 

- neem can become a bit thicker in cold weather, this blend helps that, but if it is very cold out, just sit the whole bottle in some warm water 

- neem has its own distinctive smell, not a bad smell, just different! And all natural 

 - don't use on plants with furry or hairy leaves 

- be careful with use on cactus, wipe off after use 


 50 ml

Sourced from Portugal 

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