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Houseplant Leaf Cleaner

Houseplant Leaf Cleaner

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For shiny healthy house plant leaves, natural chemical-free plant soap 

Specifically created as a soft plant cleaner to prevent damage and successfully remove dirt, dust and prevent pests, mould and fungi 

✅ Would make a great houseplant - lover gift!! 


- 5 pumps for 100ml

- dilute with water into the Sunfleck misting bottle

- clean with houseplant gloves or soft cloth


Things to note :

- do once per month

- don't do after spraying on seaweed feed, wait until next day

- don't use on plants with hairy or fuzzy leaves

- don't use on newly repotted plants (let them settle in first)

- succulents and delicate ferns may be sensitive to this soap, dilute more with water and wipe away off succulents and cactus quickly


 200 ml

Sourced from Portugal 

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