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Moss Pole - Small

Moss Pole - Small

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Let your houseplant climb like it would in its natural environment; achieve the healthiest and most beautiful houseplants

So easy to make and very long-lasting for houseplants like Monsteras (cheeseplants), Philodendron (heartleaf or other unusual varieties), Pothos and any other plants that grow aerial roots for climbing!

By far the best moss poles on the market, the Plantscraper poles allow your houseplants to easily climb through the holes and moss to become more supported and therefore form larger leaves 


✅Healthier larger plants

✅Less repotting needed or bigger pots

✅Reusable and easy to make

✅Rather than spending money on a large plant you can just let your houseplant climb!

✅Save money on soil and pots

✅Save money on unhappy houseplants dying and now reaching their full beauty

✅Slow-drying system with holes only on one side so the moss stays moist for longer 

✅Stackable so you don't need to keep repotting add on an extra pole! 

✅Adjustable to different diameters

✅Made from robust, eco-friendly materials such as non-toxic BPA-free polypropylene/PET plastic

✅As with many Sunfleck products, they are aesthetically pleasing but very functional, harmonising your calm space and bringing visual enjoyment for your eyes and mind 


Every purchase will include a step-by-step guide on making and maintaining the moss poles 

It simply folds back and into a D-shape, fill with moss and then water the moss from the top down the pole 

Tie on the plant with the velcro (also available) or use your own twine 

✅Price includes moss

**For prices without moss please contact me **

Small size 30cm length and 4.5cm width 

Sourced from Prague 



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