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Unwind Mini Spray

Unwind Mini Spray

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The anxiety and stress support; my absolute “go-to”!

For feelings of:
-discomfort or fidgety

I love this one because it has my favourite essential oil in it; petitgrain- which smells to me like fresh cut grass, perfect mix of floral and citrus together. Petitgrain has proven benefits like attentiveness, alertness and reduction of stress in the workplace.

This uplifting blend also has bergamot for lowering cortisol, the "stress hormone", and lavender to calm the mind and anxious thoughts

The mini sprays are designed to be used as you need them, to take little sensory breaks from work/school etc and for relaxation and breathing.

I use the mini sprays on my wrist, sleeve or collar- so that I can smell them all day

  • Amber glass bottle
  • Spray top with lid
  • 10ml pure essential oils diluted with perfumers alcohol
  • Discontinue use if irritation occurs
  • Keep out of reach of young children

I would pair this with Sunfleck Special tea, imni beads/palmstone and some indoor greenery from the Relax section

Made in Roscommon, Ireland by Gema

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