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Asparagus Fern 'Sprengeri' Hanging

Asparagus Fern 'Sprengeri' Hanging

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The most lacy feathery looking houseplant in existence 

These delicate cascading plants add so much calm to any relax space

  • Bright indirect light (North or East or back from West window)
  • Warm spot 
  • Water when top of soil is dry and mist 3-4 times per week loves humidity, group with other plants is best
  • No draughts, radiators or open fires 
  • No touching as can cause browning
  • feed once per month with our seaweed feed
  • don`t be afraid to prune and let it trail if you need to, they often benefit from a pruning
  • yellow drooping leaves = too much water or not enough light 
  • brown leaf tips = needs more misting, or too much draughts/being touched
  • Perfect for terrarium 
  • Relax plant
  • Calming structure and wide leaves and such beautiful patterns and shapes
  • Breathe plant
  • known to remove toxins and aid with damp and condesation


19cm pot

Detachable hanger 

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