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Milk Frother Wand for Cacao/Matcha

Milk Frother Wand for Cacao/Matcha

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If you drink cacao, this is a must-have. Handheld frother wand blends the cacao and creates a nice subtle foam on top like a coffee

I have spent months researching which one to buy, making sure it's the right price but something durable, and I am very happy with these, we tested it out ourselves!! 

This one is :

✅ Stainless steel

✅ Faster 

✅ Weighted 

✅ Click on click off button (no holding)

✅ Comes with a gift box

✅ Longer lasting than other whisks of this size

✅ Easy to clean 

✅ Easy to hold

**Perfect to add to your own routine to speed things up, but also as a gift to someone who loves cacao, coffee or matcha and to someone trying cacao to for the first time!! 

2x AAA batteries required

Tips for use : put it straight to the bottom of the mug first to avoid splashing. Very slowly move up and down to create foam, or hold at the bottom for no foam






Weight 117.93g

Sourced from Italy 

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