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Wild Rose Natural Soap

Wild Rose Natural Soap

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Plant-based soap bars! 

You can`t beat proper handmade soaps. The best quality soaps are cold-pressed which can take a few weeks to make, but they are worth it 

These soaps are beautifully hydrating for your skin - so perfect for hands and body (I use them for shaving)

The base oils of each soap are all the same: castor oil (draw moisture to the skin and creates a lush lather), olive oil (very moisturising), almond oil (light and hydrating), shea butter (silky moisturising feel), coconut oil (cleansing, makes bubbles) and cocoa butter (luxurious and softening)

All colourings are completely natural! (and may vary)

All soaps suitable for sensitive skin

Scented with essential oils only

No parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances etc..

Each soap then has its` own scent and benefits:

Wild Rose: (lavender and rose geranium) reviving for irritated or damaged skin, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, control acne
coloured with pink clay (softening)


Made in Sligo, Ireland by Yerlin

No plastic packaging


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