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Kalanchoe Kittens Ears

Kalanchoe Kittens Ears

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Soft furry houseplant with "toasted" brown edges and a pale blue middle, grows as a little shrub

Perrct beginner friendly plant! 

  • Such easy succulent plants 
  • Pronounce "kal-un-KOH-ee" (I was saying it wrong for ages) 
  • Make sure the soil is totally dry before watering 
  • Will need a few hours of sunlight, not too strong (pop on a window sill that gets morning light and no light for the rest of the evening)
  • Feed once per month in summer
  • No misting required 
  • Relax plant 
  • Softens any space 
  • Focus Plant 
  • Boost mood and create interest with unusual colour and texture 
  • Give as a gift to cheer someone up 

10.5cm pot 

12cm height

✅ Pet safe 

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