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Carnivorous Plant Cape Sundew

Carnivorous Plant Cape Sundew

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Insect-eating houseplant. Sticky "platforms" lure in insects like small flies and spiders with sweet nectar 

Insect becomes stuck and the plant digests it!

  • Morning or evening sun hours are best suited, good light needed for proper growth, not too close to strong all day light 
  • Needs consistently moist soil, preferably distilled or rainwater, 1cm of water under pot 
  • Underwatering will cause brown tips and stunted growth
  • Needs consistent humidity also (will brown or curl if not). Especially if in a window will be dryer
  • Only natural insects to be fed to it like gnats or spiders and no dead insects as the pmant can tell if its dead or alive and won't digest dead 
  • Can put outside in a shaded spot if no frost, nighttime above 10°C
  • No feed (blooms will tell you the plant is healthy) 
  • Focus plant 
  • Living spaces or kitchens, or office space for interest, fascination and mood enhancing for feel of "living thing" with you 

9cm pot

20cm high

*pet safe ( if a lot is eaten could cause stomach upset but non-toxic) 

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