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String of Hearts

String of Hearts

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Fast-growing easy houseplant full of little hearts

Attractive grey mottled green succulent hearts on long dainty stems

  • bright indirect light, in a North/East/West window and back from South window
  • fast-growing trailing plant with grey-green heart leaves that are purple underneath
  • perfect for any room
  • water when almost fully dry, soak and then leave dry out fully again
  • reduce watering in the winter
  • with enough light and heat in the summer they will get little trumpet-shaped flowers all the way down their stems
  • they grow very fast, at the end of each summer trim the ends
  • Relax Plant
  • natural flowing structure with relaxing shapes
  • make great trailing or hanging plants
  • Focus Plant
  • create interest in your work space with colour and patterns

11cm pot detachable hanger

32cm length 

**safe for pets

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