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Fern Staghorn

Fern Staghorn

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Unusual but very easy care type of Fern would love a bathroom back from a window

  • Grows best in a warm humid spot 
  • Usually grow on trees! 
  • Shape mimics antlers on a deer or elk
  • It has 2 different leaves (fronds) a shield leaf which is flat and rounded which protects the roots and the antler shape leaves which stretch out 
  • Do not clean the leaves, this "dusty" texture is actually like a sunscreen for the plant 
  • Keep soil moist don't allow to dry out for too long 
  • Mist regularly 2-3 times per week or pop into the shower if you're going in! 
  • Relax Plant 
  • Very soft beautiful structure for calming 

17cm pot

40cm high 

✅ Pet safe 

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